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Abri Dental Testimonial and Reviews Woman 2

"I interviewed a few doctors and I chose Dr. Abri, because he and his staff are so friendly and informative about my choices.
I love my teeth, I love my smile"

Abri Dental Testimonial and Reviews Man 2

"Very painless, very pleasant, the process was thoroughly explained to me from the beginning to the end."

Abri Dental Testimonial and Reviews Man 3

"Very happy with the experience that I had with Dr. Abri. I had my veneers done, I used to be self conscious about smiling and after having my veneers done, I am very happy with the results. I can say the overall experience is very good and he's a great, knowledgeable doctor, very patient and I love the way it look and I am a happier person right now. I love my new smile. Thank You Dr. Abri."

Abri Dental Testimonial and Reviews Man 4

"I had the invisalign done for my teeth for about 3 years ago best decision I've ever made. Since coming to Dr. Abri I feel a lot more confident, I smile a lot more often and my mouth feels a lot better."

Abri Dental Testimonial and Reviews Woman 4

"Dr. Abri has the latest equipment."
"He always took the time to go through things with me."
"When I come here everyone is so nice, the staff is really nice, Dr. Abri is just the nicest guy so if I had to go to the dentist I'm coming to aesthetic dentistry."

Abri Dental Testimonial and Reviews Woman 3

"I've been coming here having my teeth cleaned. I've had some dental problems and they worked out beautifully to take care of all of the problems that I have with my teeth."

"One of the things I really enjoy about aesthetic dentistry is the fact that they go over everything. They explained to you the covered benefits. The optional treatments and the materials they gonna utilize within the treatment plans and they do take the time to inform you where the cost are, what the procedures consists of and that way you can make a well informed decision."

Abri Dental Testimonial and Reviews Man 5

"When I first came in staff was extremely friendly everybody very nice, very professional, and they where very accommodating in terms of my schedule."

Abri Dental Testimonial and Reviews Woman 4

"I was referred to Dr. Abri's office of a co-worker of mine and from that moment I came in everyone was very friendly, very attentive and I just got an application I filled out all the information that they needed and it was very simple, quick, and easy."

Abri Denetal Testimonial and Reviews Man 7

"I've been a patient of Dr. Abri's now for probably about a few years."
"He really takes care to listen to what you have to say, your concerns and he's also been able to surround himself with wonderful staff that also really cares about people."

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