White Fillings


Why Choose White Fillings?

A filling is necessary to treat your cavity because if left untreated the decay will eventually grow and will enter into your nerve canal. And yes, this can be as painful as it sounds. It can also lead to more serious problems such as infection or abscess. When treating a cavity, the dentist will remove the decayed portion of your tooth and fill it with another substance. This procedure is called a filling.
White Fillings were developed as an alternative to the more common silver fillings, that were developed in the 1840s and are actually a mixture of mercury, silver and several smaller amounts of other metals. The medical terminology for silver fillings is amalgam fillings and they have been the primary solutions for cavities for many years and have served the dental profession well. In resent years a safer and more visual attractive solutions has made its way into cosmetic dentistry. White fillings.

Beverly-Hills-White-FillingsWhite fillings can use composites that are made from hard plastic or Porcelain fillings that are made in a dental laboratory and are also custom made. They resist staining, and are made to match the tooth. Porcelain fillings cost approximately the same as gold fillings. They might be recommended if the decayed area is large. Porcelain restorations are very natural-looking and long lasting.
White fillings have several advantages over silver fillings. As cosmetic dentist we prefer white fillings over amalgam fillings for several reasons. White fillings are bonded directly to your tooth, making the tooth stronger while the  bonding agent can insulate your tooth from extremes of hot and cold. An additional advantage is the we do not have to remove as much tooth structure as with a silver filling.

Beverly Hills White Fillings

Beverly Hills is known for it’s high standards and quality regarding every aspect of life. As a Global hotspot for beauty and fashion Beverly Hills has also become a magnetic sender for cosmetic dental practices and has become a standard for high quality dental procedures. Beverly Hills Dentists and Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentists are visited by patients from all over the world due to the high quality many dentists in Beverly Hills offer including Beverly Hills white fillings.

Burbank White Fillings

Burbank is known as the “Media Capital of the World” and located only a few miles northeast of Hollywood, many media and entertainment companies are headquartered or have significant production facilities in Burbank. The demand for a perfect smile has increased the demand for quality dental professionals to open offices in Burbank to offer high quality general and cosmetic dental services. As top Burbank Cosmetic Dentists Abri Dental can offer you many different cosmetic dental procedures including quality teeth whitening, Invisalign dental implants veneers and Burbank white fillings.

Valencia White Fillings

Valencia Is known for its catchphrase, “Built as promised.” It has even gone as far as to unofficially brand itself as “Awesometown”, using the tagline “Just Another Day in…Awesometown”. Valencia is known to many as an affluent planned community where the demands for high quality can be seen in all parts of life including dentistry. Valencia dentists and Valencia cosmetic dentists are know to be very family friendly offering the highest quality dental services. Abri Dental is one of the top Valencia cosmetic dentists offering a wide variety in quality dental procedures including Valencia white fillings.

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