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snore-appliance-valencia-burbank-Beverly-HillsAs an effective solutions for treating sleep apnea oral appliance therapy with custom made mouthpieces have become the favored solution for treating sleep apnea.
Snore appliance therapy has the best proven solution when it comes to treating sleep apnea. But what determines quality snore appliance? In a nutshell, they are removable devices that fit into your mouth for overnight use. Snore appliances help keep your airways open in order to help control snoring. They are also used for effective treatment for people suffering from sleep apnea. Snore Appliances are also called oral appliances or dental devices, and are fitted by a qualified dentist. They look like mouth guards that are worn by boxers, football- or basket ball players. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that interrupts sleep with signs of coughing and choking or sometimes even gasping throughout the night because the airways are being blocked by the soft tissues in the back of the throat and mouth.
Most patients suffering from sleep apnea are unaware of it and associate the chronic fatigue caused by sleep apnea as a sign of aging. In many cases people are alerted that something is wrong when a bed partner or roommate complains of loud snoring and witnesses them literally stop breathing throughout the night. As many as 10% of working-age men suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, a condition that causes them to repeatedly stop breathing for as long as ten seconds at a time, night after night. But obstructive sleep apnea is a health problem that can cause serious medical complications if not corrected.
Quality snore appliances pull forward the lower jaw to create more space for airflow during your sleep period. A effective snore appliance also re-positions the tongue as well as other throat tissue to ensure that they can relax while you are sleeping. To find out more about what snore appliance therapy would work best for you and how they can help you, contact one of our dental offices in Beverly Hills, Burbank or Valencia.

Beverly Hills Snore Appliance

Beverly Hills is known for it’s high standards and quality regarding every aspect of life. As a Global hotspot for Dental professionals Beverly Hills has also become a magnetic sender for cosmetic dental practices and dental professionals and has become a standard for high quality dental procedures including the treatment of sleep apnea with snore appliance and Oral appliance therapy. Beverly Hills Dentists are visited by patients from all over the world due to the high quality of dental services including Beverly Hills snore appliance therapy.

Burbank Snore Appliance

Burbank is known as the “Media Capital of the World” and located only a few miles northeast of Hollywood, many media and entertainment companies are headquartered or have significant production facilities in Burbank. The demand for a perfect smile has increased the demand for quality dental professionals to open offices in Burbank to offer high quality general and cosmetic dental services. As top Burbank Cosmetic Dentists AbriDantal can offer you many different cosmetic dental procedures including quality teeth whitening, Invisalign dental implants veneers and Burbank snore appliance.

Valencia Snore Appliance

Valencia Is known for its catchphrase, “Built as promised.” It has even gone as far as to unofficially brand itself as “Awesometown”, using the tagline “Just Another Day in…Awesometown”. Valencia is known to many as an affluent planned community where the demands for high quality can be seen in all parts of life including dentistry. Valencia dentists  are know to be very family friendly offering the highest quality dental services. AbriDental is one of the top Valencia cosmetic dentists offering a wide variety in quality dental procedures including Valencia snore appliance.
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