Endodontics is a specialty in dentistry that treats diseases of the dental pulp (nerve inside the tooth that is responsible for any tooth sensation). One of the most common procedures in endodontics is known as the RCT (root canal treatment). This involves the removal of the nerve tissue inside the tooth to make the pain go away. After the nerve has been removed, it is filled with a unique filling material.

Abri Dental has an endodontics expert, or root canal dentist, who specializes in the careful treatment of the canals or nerves of the mouth. The root canal therapy consists of opening the tooth and removing the channels from the root to the tip and then replenishing it. After a core build-up, the tooth is restored with a porcelain crown if necessary.

Root canal therapy is done 99% of the time in one visit without any discomfort, as lidocaine or local anesthesia may occur there.

Abri Dental service Endodontics procedure, best in California.
Endodontics, Abri Dental service procedure

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment restores and heals damaged teeth or contaminated teeth without the need for extraction. Root Canal Treatment methods are scratch-infected dentine (in the section of the pulp tissue and the root canal), wash and sterilize. Then the root canal and the pulp tissue are filled up. Dentists will use dental operating microscopes that are specific microscopes for dental treatment to help dentists see the tiny root canal of the teeth. So the endodontics specialist must be an expert in their tools because the process of endodontics is likely to be micro-level.

Causes for damaged pulp tissue usually break the tooth, decay the tooth, re-treat too often, or damage the tooth. If we do not take out or even too late care of all damaged or tainted dentine, it will result in the more polluted pulp tissue and cause the tooth to die.

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