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Dental Hygiene Tips

Proper Tooth brushing Brushing your teeth is the most common preventive measure you can do to reduce plaque that can cause tooth decay. How often should we brush our teeth? The answer is based on complete plaque removal rather than the number of brushings per day. Be cautious about the potential damage that may be caused by vigorously scrubbing the teeth. Overtime this may cause abnormal abrasion (wear) of the tooth structure, gingival recession and exposure of the root surface. Here’s the tips on how to brush your teeth properly: •    Place the head of the toothbrush where the gums and

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Gummy Smile / Uneven Teeth

What is a “Gummy Smile”? Often times, teeth are small because of extreme wear from grinding or combination of grinding and acid erosion. If the teeth have worn away severely i.e. 20% or more of the original volume, then the only solution is rebuilding them with porcelain reconstruction. However, there are times that teeth are just hiding underneath the gums and all one needs to do is lift the curtain up with a cosmetic laser gum lift. Another situation that might give the illusion of small teeth is limited upper lip movement when smiling. If the upper lip does not

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